Governor Parson Orders School Closure 

Dear Parents, Students and Community Members,

Everyday I go to work in an empty building, no staff and no students. I kept thinking I was one day closer to bringing everyone back so we could finish the year off strong. Unfortunately, our students will not be returning to our building to finish out this school year. I was informed today, like most of you, that Governor Parson ordered the closure of all K-12 schools until the end of this academic year. I cannot tell you how much this breaks my heart. Of course, I always want the safety of our students and staff to come first, but I desperately wanted to get our students and staff back to school. This is definitely a year that no one will forget. From our kindergarten students to our seniors, there were activities and moments that everyone was looking forward to. In the days to come, our teachers and administrators will continue to plan and organize some of those events. We will keep you posted as we receive more information. For now, know that we are all thinking of our students and hoping everyone stays safe and healthy. Susan D. Crooks


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